What We’ve Been Working On

What we've been working on.

Exciting new things and improvements

  • New sheepCRM User Interface (UI)
  • sheepEvents module
  • sheepFlow workflow boards.
New sheepCRM User Interface.

New sheepCRM design - Codenamed Alpine 😍

Alpine offers a new, modern look and feel improving usability but also bring a whole new level of control to your fingertips.


sheepEvents is an online box office with zero processing fees, fully integrated into the powerful sheepCRM platform. You can still link sheepCRM with Eventbrite, but with the sheepEvents module, you can sell your tickets and save money v Eventbrite costs.


sheepFlow is a powerful Kanban workflow board for processing complex membership forms, grant applications, professional accreditation and so much more.

Coming up

  • Exciting new updates to sheepGiving
  • Improvements to sheepApp