What is sheepCRM and who is it for?

What is sheepCRM and who is it for?

We understand running a membership organisation or club can be challenging and is often very time consuming. We know processing membership applications, sending renewals, chasing payments, sending emails and creating reports can feel like a never ending challenge which is why we created sheepCRM.

Our goal is to make membership management simple & easy 🎯

sheepCRM is membership management software that helps you make running a membership organisation simple. It takes away the hours you and your team spend on the admin side of things, leaving you more time to do what you love.

It's simple, intuitive, and allows you to engage and grow your community. One easy to use cloud-based database empowers your team to manage your members efficiently and work collaboratively from anywhere while keeping your members engaged.

But that is only the beginning, sheepCRM empowers you to manage memberships easily, take payments quickly, organise events and send emails and other communications to engage with your community.

You can automate your common tasks such as membership renewals and collecting payments, giving you more time to focus on managing and growing your membership. sheepCRM takes care of the admin so you can focus on delivering more value, better engagement and growing your membership.

Who uses sheepCRM?
sheepCRM users are membership organisations. Whether you're a professional association, a private members club, a gymnastics club, or an enthusiasts' club such as a car club, sheepCRM can simplify your membership management and save you time.

How does sheepCRM help?

Get to know your members
sheepCRM helps you get to know your members better, build better relationships and deliver more value. Each contact record allows you to record detailed information on your members including their likes and dislikes, interests and skills and you can even record their communication preferences so you can communicate with them where and how they want.

Easy team collaboration
sheepCRM removes the need for multiple spreadsheets stored on local computers. Whether you work from home, in the office or a bit of both, you and your team can log in from anywhere as your data is stored securely in the cloud.

sheepCRM delivers powerful automation features to save you time and worry, these include auto membership reminders and renewals, auto payment reconciliation and auto email communications. Freeing you up to do the things you always want to do but never have the time to.

Self-Service (sheepApp)
Your members have a ‘white label’ members area within sheepCRM that they can log into 24/7 to manage their membership. Members can join & renew their membership, make payments, sign up for events and update their contact details all from one location. sheepApp drives engagement, empowers your members and saves you time - lots of it.

Do all your work from one place. It's quicker and easier to connect your favourite platforms with sheepCRM. You can take direct debit or card payments with Go Cardless or Stripe and then sync to Xero. Engage with your members via email with Mailchimp and run events with Eventbrite or sheep’s own events module.

How membership management software will help you
sheepCRM membership management software will save time, increase income and make a bigger difference to your community of members. It is a simple, affordable, user-friendly membership management system that will free you from the burden of membership admin.

We believe good software should make your life easier, not harder. We believe it should empower you to make a bigger difference, to deliver more value to your members and build a stronger, more sustainable organisation.

Want to find out how you can save a tonne of time, do less admin and more of what you love? Book a demo today.