Harnessing the power of integrations

Harnessing the power of integrations

Does your membership process leave you with an Excel nightmare? Read our four steps to harnessing integrations and ditching your spreadsheets.

Moving your membership registration online was supposed to make life easier. Still, you've probably just swapped a stack of paper applications for a folder of Excel files: membership registrations, payments and bank statements. Online registration has made life much better for your members, but someone (probably you) still has the error-prone job of reconciling multiple data sources.

The latest generation of applications offers APIs (machine-to-machine interfaces) that allow applications to share data. Integrating your applications is the productivity boost you've been looking for. It's time to stop flicking between lots of apps and get all your work done from one place.

Get GoCardless

GoCardless is the perfect Direct Debit payment solution for UK-based (and European) membership organisations. Automate your direct debits with low fees, automatic retry of failed payments and a beautiful user interface.

Get Stripe

If you want to handle one off or recurring card payments, Stripe is an excellent alternative. With low fees and automatic payment reconciliation with sheepCRM, Stripe takes the hassle out of collecting payments .

Get Mailchimp

The majority of organisations we speak with are already using Mailchimp to send newsletters to their members but have to manually update the records. Integrating with a membership management software solution like sheepCRM will automatically push your members straight into MailChimp so that your mailing list is always up-to-date.

Get Xero

Move to a current accounts package like Xero. Ditch the CSV and XLS exports and use bank feeds to update and reconcile your accounts automatically.

Get Zapier

Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. It's the glue that allows us to stick many different systems together.

Connect your website to Zapier to automate the member export. (Consider Typeform or sheepForms if you want beautiful forms but don't want to build them yourself).

Get sheepCRM & bring it all together.

sheepCRM neatly ties together your members, their details and their payments in a single, easy to use platform. (not a spreadsheet in sight).

As a bonus, push your new members straight into MailChimp so that your mailing list is always up-to-date.

Our technical account managers can give you expert advice on choosing innovative, integration-ready applications.

We have a simple all-inclusive monthly price (with no mark up fees) to suit your needs and budget.

Get in touch to book a demo and see how sheepCRM can improve efficiency and save you time.